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The Human Flower Series

I believe that the human form is beautiful and reflective of many elements in nature.  This series utilizes a collage of photographs and hand painted flowers.  The collage of photographs depicts the painted flower in the image. Pictures and more information will be posted soon. Check back for updates.


Baby Dragon Series

I have started work on a charcoal / oil pastel series inspired by my Sister and her child, Sophia. The theme of this series is obviously a Baby Dragon. There should be an appearance or two of Wizards and Fairies as well.  Although I have completed the portions for baby Sophia, some images are still in the works for public consumption.  When finished prints from this series will be available for purchase at original size as well as smaller sizes. This was the first series for the 2009 calendar year. Check back for completion of later steps available in the 2011 calendar year.


Table Talk Comics

Table Talk Comics

Table Talk is a web comic by me. It is based on dinner table conversations with my family and friends or overheard in casual conversation.  Ideas are also birthed from things that have actually happened in my life.  Two of the characters, Zack & Super Seth, are loosely based on me. The others are a combination of friends and family and my active imagination. This comic was created to have fun with my art, using a few regular characters, while sharing it with the world.

Catch the adventures of Super Seth.  From trying to sell his little sister online to being duct taped to the wall by his older brother, there is always something new going on.  Tune in Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to watch Super Seth wreak havoc on his loved ones.


New Webcomic - Title TBA

In addition to Table Talk I am working on a second web comic featuring a single character in a single panel format. This comic is planned as a political commentary/satire in overall theme. The character has been designed, but the details of his story have yet to be determined. As this comic gets closer to launching more information will be posted.


See Past Projects for finalized works of interest.