The Indianapolis Children's Museum's Animation Exhibit

In 2008, I was given the great opportunity to freelance with the Indianapolis Children's Museum working with their animation exhibit. There I conducted educational animation workshops and helped visitors to design their own cartoon characters. I also created and displayed a 30 second animation to help museum goers learn more about the process of animation. See the Indianapolis Children's Museum website.


Baby Dragon Series

I have started work on a charcoal / oil pastel series inspired by my Sister and her child, Sophia. The theme of this series is obviously a Baby Dragon. There should be an appearance or two of Wizards and Fairies as well.  Although I have completed the portions for baby Sophia, some images are still in the works for public consumption.  When finished prints from this series will be available for purchase at original size as well as smaller sizes. This was the first series for the 2009 calendar year. Check back for completion of later steps available in the 2011 calendar year.


See In the Works for unfinished or planned future works.